Proposals – Do it once and save time later


Together with the major update launched in the beginning of October came several features. A lot of them were made to save the time from everyone making the operational work. One of the features is ‘Proposals’. There, you can create a pre-formulated PDF document with 5 different blocks and send them out in a matter of seconds. For real! Seconds. So here is how you do it.

The Big 5

Once you are on the dashboard of your location you can go to Proposals and then Settings.

There, you can find the 6 parts of your proposal e-mail and PDF:

  1. Mail – that will be the subject and the text of your e-mail
  2. Introduction – this part will already be in the PDF. There you can present the items to follow.
  3. Meeting Spaces – On Meeting spaces the description and picture of the selected meeting space will appear automatically. In this field, you can tell about how many meeting spaces you offer and that from all of them, you chose this unique one as a solution for your client.
  4.  Options – here the options selected for your client will also appear automatically with its descriptions and pictures.
  5. Summary – That’s where the table with the prices will appear. You can use this area to explain it.
  6. Closing – You can choose however you want to finish your proposal if with a greeting, more information about your location or offering assistance if they need to clear any doubts.

Here is an example of each area you are filling and how it is going to look like in the PDF.

And this is how the PDF will look like: Click to download the PDF. 

Cool right? But hey, there is some stuff missing. 🤔

Meeting Spaces

You might have noticed that as we put some stuff in the fields, that’s not all that appears in the proposal. That’s because the proposal also gets information from other areas from the Dashboard, as the Meeting Spaces.

As you add meeting spaces to your system you can also add a picture and a description. That two information will be shown in the proposal as you select a specific meeting space. That information will also be shown whenever someone is booking a meeting space via, so make sure you fulfill them! 


Options are all the extra things that your clients can ask for. Could be a beamer, a flipchart, drinks, among others. And in Proposals, they work the same way as Meeting Spaces. As you select options, the picture and description related to it will automatically appear in the PDF.

And as the same with Meeting Spaces, when someone is booking their meeting via, that info will also show on the website. So again, make sure to fulfill the description and include a nice picture!

Upload Images

There are two more things that complete your PDF. Locations images, as you can see right at the beginning of the example PDF and the logo from your location. Those two also go automatically to the PDF.

From the location images the first three, except the highlighted one, will make it to the top of the PDF. And the location logo will appear in the right corner of all the pages of your PDF.

What if I don’t want to send all the 5 parts of the PDF?

You can. If you have a costumer that doesn’t have any of the options, or if you don’t feel the need to include an introduction or conclusion, you are free to do so. How? There are two ways.

  1. When you are fulfilling the 5 PDF fields, above the language option of each block there will be an option to ‘show in PDF’. If you don’t want it ever to appear in the PDF, you can unselect that option.

ATTENTION: This option is if you never want that block to appear in the PDF.

2. If you don’t want to send a part of the PDF only to one customer, you can do it while you are creating the proposal.

There, you can select whichever blocks you would like to send to your costumer.

How can I preview the PDF I will send?

In the same place where you can select which parts of the PDF you want to send, you can just click preview, and you will download the exact same PDF your customer will receive once you send them an e-mail.

Voi lá! You are done.

It might look like a lot of work. But after you are done, you never have to change it again. All you have to do to send a proposal is select a date, amount of people, the room, the options and send the e-mail. Your customer will receive the PDF with all the information he/she needs.

If you have any questions you can comment on this blog and we will try to complement it and make it better!