Preseting S2M Opportunities


In Seats2meet locations there is always a lot going on. Freelancers finishing their projects, entrepreneurs building their companies and corporate employees getting inspired and looking for innovation. There is a lot of opportunities around and thinking about that we created a new session on our magazine for people looking for other people.

Ok, but what is the difference between other job searching websites? Well, all of our users put tags on what their skills, knowledge and interests are. Combining the opportunities and tags and the people’s tag we make sure that your opportunity gets to all the right people in our ecosystem.

What if you are looking for an opportunity? Be aware because in the future we will keep posting different kinds of opportunities here! Also, be sure to have your tags straight in your S2M profile, that’s where we match you to new opportunities and suggest them to you.

So if you have an opportunity and you need some help, you can mail and we will publish your opportunities right here!