Pre-Screenings DEEP LOOK



A tribute to the human kind: a new cinematic human experience



DEEP LOOK (75 min.) is an accessible, non-narrative art film by the film artist Veysi. The film consists of a series of slow-motion penetrating portraits that you can view as visual songs, from Veysi’s 94-year-old grandmother in the Turkish-Kurdish region to a Uruguayan architect of luxury villas.


DEEP LOOK is an experience film and takes the audience on a journey. A journey of inner peace and empathy. It offers a wide range of experiences – it starts emotionally, but towards the end it increasingly has a relaxing, almost meditative effect. Although the images are super slow motion, the time flies for many viewers due to the hypnotic effect of the images.


The journey of DEEP LOOK is experienced differently by every viewer. Veysi noted that Dutch visitors with a foreign background viewed the film as a plea for inclusivity and compassion. While visitors with Dutch background speak more about taking time and looking at the human in a different way. These visitors had one thing in common: they were very positive. One of the best reactions was from a European champion ex-kickbokser: “I see it.”


Watch the trailer DEEP LOOK here

Comments of the visitors here

Visual Song from DEEP LOOK here



Amsterdam, Het Ketelhuis: May 7, 13, 20 and 27

Rotterdam, Kino: May 6, 13, 20, 27

Den Haag, Nutshuis, May 6, 13, 20 and 27

Utrecht, ‘t Hoogt: May 6, 14, 21 and 27

Eindhoven, Natlab: May 6, 13, 20 and 2

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Dutch-Kurdish artist and filmmaker. Received the award for Best Graduate Student of the St. Joost Academy of Fine Arts in the Netherlands in 1999. He currently works and lives in Amsterdam. Veysi was born with congenital hearing loss and spent the first four years of his life not speaking. His condition triggered missing out on linguistic feeling – essentially that formed in the first two years of one’s alife; and yet, it was compensated by Veysi enjoying what he calls “a greater visual acuity”. From the moment he started wearing hearing aids, he became fascinated by the effect of sound on body and spirit. Living in opposite worlds (West, East; deaf, hearing), Veysi has developed a particular view on reality. Films are his medium to reach out to people and have them experience – through cinematographic means – inner rest and contemplation.