Plane of the future


Three different news reports about the launch of the world’s first fully electric aircraft in the southern hemisphere Perth, Australia. See the first official movements in the air of the  380 kilograms two-seat plane.

What is it?

Australian company Aero Electric Aircraft Corporation launched the “quieter, greener, safer” plane which costs 150.000 dollars to build and only 3 dollars per hour to fly. The plane can only hold two passengers and fly up to an hour a time which makes it ideal for teaching purposes or flying short distances. 45 minutes on a supercharger will charge the battery with which the plane can fly up to an hour. A build-in parachute makes sure that you can always land safely, even if there would be problems with the battery.

Why is it interesting?

Even though the plane can only carry two people and can stay in the air for an hour at the time it shows great promise. For now, the plane’s main purpose is training pilots. This makes it easier and cheaper to obtain a license to fly. This means that the plane will be used regularly which will lead to valuable information and can help Aero Electric Aircraft Corporation with input that makes the four-seat version they are currently working on an even better plane.

Key take away:

“The sky is the limit for electric planes”

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