‘People House’ is the next Lego Headquarter

You probably know Lego, the second biggest toy maker in the world. With a simple idea of a brick, they built a whole empire. But the simple idea never lacked imagination. When talking about Society 3.0, we had been telling the crowdsourced research and development example of LEGO to explain Society 2.0, as you can read in a recent article.

Now in another move to innovate Lego is building their new headquarters in Billund, Denmark, all around the people who work in it. A public park surrounds the building that has a lot of references to the classic LEGO bricks and in its interiors has more space for casual meetings and interactions than actual desks. And the workstations that remain are mainly flexible so that employees can choose a new work space every day. You can take a look at the area which is set to be ready in 2020.

The building meets LEGO belief that more and more the relevant work happens on unexpected meetings (serendipity) between employees and less behind a computer screen. That’s why they made a point of creating a diversity of meeting spaces, from a ‘vertical connection’ spot to a living room with a fireplace and a mini golf field on the roof top, LEGO puts its money where their mouth is, and it appears to be working. The revenue of the company grew 1700% in the last years. And while they were telling it, they set to remember they don’t strive to be the biggest company, but the best.