Passport and collaborations


This year we already mentioned that we strongly believe the future holds a big trend: collaboration. Instead of brands and people competing with each other, which is the mainstream on an industrial era, the network makes collaborations more powerful. We can already see that happening in the market. For example, Youtubers instead of competing with each other make videos together so they can “exchange” their fan base.

The phenomenon doesn’t happen only on youtube, but small brands are also collaborating to become bigger than the ones already stablished in the market. And it is working. Within Seats2meet we incentive collaboration since our early days. We recognise that collaborating is fundamental for freelancers and independent professionals.

In the beginning users occupied the spaces and that’s where the collaboration happened. But in the last decade S2M created several features within it’s online platform so users could collaborate beyond the walls of the locations they find themselves in. There is a chat functionality, an A&Q, meeting request, and online magazine where they can share their stories. And later on they all got powered by an AI drive algorithm, the serendipity machine.

By asking users what are their skills and knowledge we are able to cross references between them and the A&Q, content, locations, events and other users. In this way we only recommend what is relevant to users according to them. And as find collaborating to be essential, we don’t want users to collaborate only amongst themselves, but we want to collaborate as well.

When creating the passport, where users can access and navigate the entire S2M ecosystem from one place, we thought a lot of what can we implement on it in the future. For now we show the content, events, locations, A&Q and users matches for each user. But what else can we include there? We see collaborations with services and products providers. For example, you booked a meeting room in Amsterdam at 10 am, we could match you to transportation at 9 am, or we see that you extended your booking from 5pm to 9pm, working late? We could match you to Mama’s Koelkast, or other food providers from our ecosystem so you can have your dinner. We are talking about truly smart recommendations the moment you need them.