Ouishare Write Club – How to create content for coworking and coworkers


OuiShare is an organization which goal is to facilitate a collaborative society by connecting people, corporates and ideas around their core values: openness, fairness, and trust. They do this by organizing communities, accelerating projects and hosting and producing events. One of their biggest events is OuiShare fest, that happens annually in Paris, and more recently in Barcelona an Rio as well. There, people from all over the world and most diverse working fields get together. And if there is one thing I have learned with S2M, is that you can not predict what will be the outcome of a diverse group of people coming together, but you can expect great things. With the OuiShare Fest, it wasn’t different.

There, Lenneke connected me to Bernie Mitchell, who is a part of OuiShare by creating and sharing great content. Bernie also has a passion for coworking. As a result of his content producing skills, his many connections and passion for coworking the Write Club was born. The Write Club, for now, includes 16 people from all over, that has a history of writing about coworking and other initiatives in which collaboration is key.

In the last months, Bernie in connection with the other write club participants already put the plan into action. You can listen to the first two OuiShare Radio episodes where Bernie and guests talk about getting started and finding your audience. You can also follow the Medium page where all content producers will take the stage and share all their tricks and tips. Including me!