Official Launch of The Serendipity Machine


Smartphone app helps people share social capital, knowledge, and expertise in real-time based on location.

The Serendipity Machine app supports a worldwide ecosystem that promotes knowledge and expertise (social capital) sharing in real-time. The Artificial Intelligence algorithm, which has already connected people at (open coworking) locations in The Netherlands for years, has been available to everyone since June 16th. The app connects people in a real-time through a place-based network. Users who answer questions like ‘What are you working on’ and ‘What do you need today’ when they check in to the app are matched to people nearby, who are open to share their knowledge and expertise. The app is downloadable for IOS and Android.

App promotes finding a job/project to work on

Erasmus University Rotterdam (the Netherlands) research has found that users of this algorithm get a job or project more quickly. Their willingness to share their location, meet people, and share knowledge are key ingredients to success. The unexpected but relevant encounters that follow create tremendous value. This is called Serendipity. The app helps professional make and use relevant connections.

The Serendipity Machine wants to facilitate this worldwide ecosystem, where sharing knowledge and expertise (Social Capital) is the norm. This will support the wellbeing of the users. When people meet new people, learn new things, share new ideas, and start to collaborate on projects, they help themselves and strengthen the economy and society.