Now you can work for Apple from the comfort of your home

That’s what you heard. Apple just posted several vacancies for people to work from home. The jobs are all for client support. Apple named them At Home Advisor, At Home Team Manager, and At Home Area Manager. Different from other remote companies, Apple makes it clear in their At Home Jobs page that the people fulfilling these jobs will need a silent, distraction free space. Just like in an office an ergonomic chair, a desk and high-speed internet connection are required. The iMac and a headset will be provided by the company.

Also, differently from other remote companies, the vacancies have locations. That means that although you can work from home, you can’t go on traveling everywhere. You have to stay in your city. Another not so cool factor is that all the at home jobs are available only in the US. But hey, that’s a start!

And although you still have to stay at home, you can work in your pajamas and take that time you use to commute to do other stuff, like have a nice breakfast, or do a morning Yoga session. The new jobs listings come in a time when more and more companies are looking for the perks of home office and life quality of their employees. The trend only started and it promises to go bigger in the next years.