This Newsletter will help you get press for your startup


In the last week, we were busy with the launch of the Serendipity Machine! By the way, if you haven’t downloaded it yet, do it! While collecting e-mails to send our press release to, I found They work mainly as a newsletter that will be forwarded to you daily for a month. What is so cool about this newsletter? In every one of them, there is a profile of a great journalist.

The profile counts with where the writer works, their e-mail, social media links, latest tweets and articles, interests and the best of all: pitching advice! This last one is a whole piece about how to attract that specific journalist. Because yes, those are not the traditional reporters you send a press release and they publish it. Those are great editors.

One of the journalists is Steve Lohr, he works at the New York Times for 20 years now, and he just won the award for the best general business book for Data-ism. He is only one of the 31 journalists you will receive the contact to and their pitching advice. For those who are launching a new product or service and want a worldwide reach, that’s THE newsletter.

With they do in the newsletter is not building up your mailing list. But helping you being effective. By knowing all the right ways of approaching the right reporters, the chances you will be featured increase immensely. And did I mention it is free? Enjoy!