New year, new trends!


You have probably received different emails, blogs, letters with the message “Merry Christmas and a happy new year!”. Of course, we wish this for you too 😉 We’d like to expand that a bit though. Join us as we look back at 2018 and look ahead at the trends of 2019. Along the way, we will share some extra special new year’s resolutions.  

Meet, work and serendipity. For those who don’t know yet, these are our core activities. We aim to connect entrepreneurs, offer workspaces to work (together) and enable relevant yet chance meetings. This is all done using

Looking back at the S2M year

Because there is a lot to celebrate! 🥂

60 new locations

This year, we added 60 new locations to our network. Work and meet other professionals in 32 different countries. They are located in offices but also hotel lobby’s, living rooms, companies, even theatres.

Over 500.000 social capital bookings

This year we reached the milestone of half a million bookings all over the world using social capital. Added to that we welcomed an average of 1200 new users every month. Good for us, but also you: these users are the relevant people to meet each month!

Launch S2M Passport

We mentioned it earlier already: this year we launched the S2M Passport: thanks to the online passport you are matched to relevant users, as well as questions, content, locations, and events. All to help you get more out of yourself as well as your company.

Ask your question

On average you get four answers to each question you ask via the S2M passport. Are you looking for help with anything? Ask your question and get help from fellow S2M users. Not only efficient, but also an easily accessible way to connect with other professionals.

Most used tags

The top tags of 2018 were: coaching, marketing, and sustainability. Add or update your expertise in tags, so people find you. Use the S2M Passport, select menu then profile.

Trends for everyone in 2019

Own and manage your data

In 2018 it was about complying with the new GDPR laws. In 2019 it is about owning and managing your data in your channels and with the organizations you work with. For example, figure out what your data is used for. At S2M we never share your data with third parties, but it is the currency in our network. It is only accessible by other users who’ve checked-in and have paid with social capital. No one will find you when you are not checked-in. Want to know what data you share and how it is worked on? You do that in the S2M passport. Do you have a question about this? Ask out GDPR expert!

Social capital

Your knowledge and interests will gain in importance in 2019. At Seats2meet you don’t pay with money but with what you know. Thanks to the S2M Passport you can do that in a variety of ways, with at the core the check-in. You can check-in online or at a location.  This way we enable others to see what you offer we can match you with other professionals as well as other sites, events, blogs, and other professional’s questions.

Various work locations

The amount of paid co-workings spots keep on growing rapidly. We believe in a different trend: workplaces off the beaten paths where you pay with social capital. A growing number of S2M-locations offer everything but -just- a workspace. What about working in a hotel lobby, at a library, a living room, a school or theatre?

Good new year resolutions for you

Make yourself more visible as a professional

To occasionally close yourself off and focus on just one thing is great. However, when you want to grow, then you need to be visible. That is not hard at all: be active on social media, write a guest blog for the S2M online magazine, organize an event, use the S2M passport to answer questions or ask one. That way others will see and find you. Beautiful meetings happen this way.

Meet new people more often

This resolution links to the previous one. Get to know new people. Networking is a word some dislike. However, reframe it by going to events you like (check our event calendar), contact others via the S2M passport or get another coffee. Most meetings still happen at the coffee machine! Another tip: visit a local location. These are always smaller which makes connecting with others easier.

Connect with your local community

Do this by registering as a local location so people in your community can work at your place. The only thing you need is a living room or dining table — not only fun but also a great way to meet new people. They come to you!

Grow your world and creativity

A change of scenery nourishes the mind. No need to travel the world for that (on the other hand don’t let it stop you!): Several unique and special spaces are in the Netherlands. Not only good for your network but also your creativity! Check out all locations at