The new Serendipity Machine – connect anywhere


The Serendipity Machine was born from the amazing amount of relevant encounters that happens in Seats2meet locations every day. From the magic of this encounter, Seats2meet became a successful endeavor, celebrating 10 years next month. A big part of its success is the openness and diversity of the people in it. Those people grow together with Seats2meet, as 1 in 6 people end up finding a new paid assignment, job or even meet their business partner¹.

We saw everything that makes that happen and enhance its potential with the Serendipity Machine. How? By making all the people and their knowledge, skills, needs, and interests transparent around you. In that way, you can know exactly who can help you and who you can help, facilitating such relevant encounters. You can have an idea how we do it by watching the video.

But we just updated on Android something new! Instead of having to check-in in a space, now you can check in from everywhere. Just tell us what are your needs and what you are working right now and we will match you to someone nearby you. Beyond getting matched, you can also immediately invite them for a meeting or start a chat via the app. If you don’t have time now, you can also save their contact. It’s that easy to make new relevant connections.

You can click here to download the updated the app. A detail for the Android users who already had the old app, we had a problem by updating the old one and we had to upload the new one as a different app. But that’s easy to fix! All you have to do is delete your old app and download the new one. For the iPhone users, the update will be available next week. Hooray! 🎉

So let me end this super good news with a great invitation. Within the Serendipity Machine team, we believe that getting feedback from our users constantly is the way to go! That means that if you are in Utrecht (or around) this Thursday (14/09), you are more than welcome to show up in our test/feedback/ideas/ session at the Social Impact Factory. There will be beer! And you can easily confirm your presence in our Facebook event. 🍻

¹This data was taken from a research made by the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.