New S2M Update – chat with your prospect clients


Hello, my dear S2M hosts. I hope you are all doing well this week – and the others to come. As a new update approaches – actually if I published this it is already here 🤔 – I would like to share with you what it’s new in it. So here we go.

Chat with your prospect clients

That’s the main change in this update. Now, in your location page at S2M, below the virtual manager where people can find your e-mail and phone, they can also see a chat possibility. And don’t worry, the functionality won’t be automatically on for your location. For it to work you have to activate. Here is how it works.

Setting it up

  1. In your location dashboard, on the left top corner, you can see a new icon – the chat icon. Click there.

2. Then you can activate it – if you want to, of course.






3. But if you want to activate it, then there a few more simple steps. Go to settings.







4. There you have to set up three things:

  • Display name

The name you put on this field will be the name that will appear in the chat as the person talking to the clients. Just like your own name on your Whatsapp. In this case, because some locations have several hosts, might be a good idea to leave the name of the location as the display name.

  • Default start text

When someone opens the chat that will be the first message they will receive. It sends automatically as they open the chat, time to say hi!

  • Profiles allowed to chat

Select the people that are able to reply to chats.

How to reply the chat

To reply is very simple. Everyone who you gave the access to do it will be able to see when someone is talking to them about chat functionality on the location dashboard.

Just click on the chat, and there you will be able to reply it.

More things that you should know about the chat functionality

Chats history

Although the chat disappears from the dashboard, you can retrieve it in the following way.

Location dashboard > customers > the customer you had the chat with > notes

In the notes, you can find all the chats you had with that customer. There you can also see which person from your team spoke to your customer.

What if there is no one to reply a chat?

If there is no one online at a certain moment this will appear at the chat functionality when a customer opens it.

On the top right corner of the chat window, the number of people online will also be displayed.

The comeback of Floor Plans

Where to add them

Another functionality that is coming together with the update is you can include the Floor Plan of your location so your clients can see the layout of your place and where are the meeting rooms and workspaces located. You can do that by going to:

location dashboard > location information > change location information > Floor Plan

There you can upload one or more pictures, in case your locations have more than one floor.

Where customer will see them

Your customers can see the floor plan on your location page next to the images.

They can also click on the image to amplify it and download it.

That’s all, folks!

This is it for this update. We will send more blogs with tutorials as we create more funcionalities. If you have any doubts leave them on the comments.