Netherlands Is Ranked 1st in the Remote Workers Index


In the report published by the Plusnet Community, they ranked the Netherlands the first in the Remote workers index: the best countries for digital nomads. In the report, they evaluated 10 factors important for the remote workers. These factors include:

  1. Percentage of people currently in remote work
  2. Number of co-working spaces
  3. Number of coffee shops
  4. Average price of coffee
  5. Number of Wi-Fi hotspots
  6. Internet security score
  7. EU Commission Transport score
  8. Happiness Index score
  9. Rent Index score
  10. Cost of living
Each country was rated on each parameter, resulting in the lest of top 10 European co-working locations. Netherlands got to the first place with the most remote workers as a percentage of population, 13.7%, the best European Commission transport score and second best internet security score. It also has a good access to WiFi hotspots, number of coffeeshops and Happiness Index. These perks come with a price, however – in the country, the costs of living and rental prices.
The Netherlands was shortly followed by Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Poland, France, Sweden, Austria, Denmark and Czech Republic.
Therefore, with the help of this report we can conclude what we at Seats2meet knew all along – as the world is becoming more and more interconnected, the Netherlands is at the forefront of this innovation. As a company involved in this process, we are happy to be based here and actively contribute to yet better conditions for remote workers and encourage more professionals to choose remote as their work path.
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