Nepal Travel – An Experience of A Lifetime


Sandwiched between India and China, the terrain rises from barely 60 meters above the sea level, culminating to the highest point on earth (Mount Everest) 8,848 meters. Stepping into Nepal can be a soul-awakening experience that offers you a spicy taste of old-aged cultural sights, unique architectures, isolated mysticism, spectacular landscapes with heart-pumping adrenaline sports and some of the friendliest people on the planet. Palm to palm, hands joined together, with a genuine smile on the face, Nepali people say, “Namaste”. A very typical Nepali way of greeting, meaning to, I bow to the divine in you. No doubt, Nepal travel will leave you speechless.

“We came to Nepal because of the mountains, but we stayed because of the people.” Sir Edmund Hillary

Here’s a brief taste of what to expect before diving into an exploration of Nepal:


This diverse landscape is the home to people belonging to distinctive ethnic groups. They speak a myriad of languages and are living peacefully together in this tiny country, where culture deeply defines the lifestyle of an entire society. There exist a new culture and lifestyle, every next hour. For travelers having a keen interest in cultural and historical immersion, this is the right place.

Holi, the festival of colors celebrated in March.

Stepping into some of Nepal’s old cities is very much like going back in time. There are seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Kathmandu valley alone among 11 present in Nepal. Further, many more sites are waiting to be discovered around every corner. Furthermore, Nepal has more annual festivals and holidays than just about any other country on the planet.


Commercial trekking has been in practice since the early 1960s in Nepal. It is a paradise for mountain lovers. From one day hike to a once in a lifetime Everest Base Camp trek or wonder-filled 2 to 30-day trek in the Annapurna’s- there’s a trek for everyone.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Planning a trek in Nepal is much easier than most people think. All you need to do at first is to decide when you will be coming (time of year) and the duration of your stay. After that, most things fall into places. Breathtaking Himalayan views await your shots and curious eyes.


An escape from the hectic modern madness of city life leads to a beautiful wave of unbelievable peace in the middle of a jungle. Here, travelers get to experience wildlife up-close under the guidance of expert naturalists. Each trip is unique as one never knows what he will encounter: a deer, monkeys on treetops, an elephant baby, and a flock of peacocks, a pair of rhinos, sunbathing crocodile and some lucky guests also get to see the tiger.

Endangered One-Horned Rhino spotted in Chitwan National Park.

Filled with greenery and natural beauty all around, in addition to bird calls and animal sounds, tourists find relaxation and inner peace in the wilderness. Chitwan National Park is the popular long-standing location for jungle walks, jeep safari, rhino spotting, elephant rides, boating and the allure of spotting a Royal Bengal Tiger. Bardiya National Park is the lesser-known and harder to reach the jungle for tourists as it’s quite difficult to reach from the capital, Kathmandu. All the animals in Chitwan are here too, but it’s a lot easier to spot a tiger and probably a bit more exciting too!


Lord Buddha was born in Lumbini that lies in the Southern Terai region of Nepal having over twenty monasteries. While in Kathmandu valley, you can try to catch a glimpse of the only living goddess in the world today, the Kumari. There are uncountable Hindu temples with mesmerizing rituals taking place every day and prayers sung for the betterment of whole humanity. Yoga is popular throughout Nepal offering tourists the chance to practice centuries-old techniques.

Golden statues of Sakyamuni Buddha, a four-armed Chenresig and Guru Rinpoche at the popular pilgrimage site, Swoyambhunath.

According to sacred texts, Hindu gods and ancient rishis have been coming to Nepal to meditate and relax for thousands of years. For today’s visitors, there are plenty of opportunities to experience meditation practices including Vipassana. The Tantric blend of Hinduism and Buddhism can be an uplifting experience for the tourists. Nepal is open and welcoming to all faiths which are highlighted by some of the century-old temples that show Hindu gods and Buddhist symbolism working in harmony.


One of the most popular destinations in the world for adventure sports, Nepal offers a bevy of activities for those seeking an adrenaline rush.

Mountain flight to Everest.

Go Paragliding over the Himalayan Mountains or feed vultures as you soar above the lake of Pokhara. Take a mountain flight or go white water rafting through glacial water or steaming jungles? Bungee jump off a 160m high bridge over a narrow Gorge or take the longest, steepest, tallest and fastest zip line in the world. Or you could just go off the beaten path and discover the unknown. Nepal’s adventure holds no boundaries and waits for those who dare.

Therefore, from the world’s tallest mountain to mystical temples and wildlife-filled jungles there is something for everyone in this tiny but epic country. Yet small in size, it is known in the world as a nation of diverse culture, colorful festivals and contrast activities. If it’s not ” Shangri-La”, it’s as close as it gets. Undoubtedly, it is an experience of a lifetime. Feel free to discover and customize your Nepal tour package via a local travel agent in Nepal as per your duration, budget and other requirements.