My ideal seats4silence location … ..


After the first year pilot seats4silence we are working behind the scenes to bring the concept a step further. Many already signed up as interested to become a seats4silence location themselves. As a warm-up a first sketch. I’m curious what you think, whether you’re potential user or potential host location.

My ideal seats4silence location

  • is quiet and located in a beautiful green area
  • relaxes and inspires
  • has at least one beautiful location work outside in green.
  • is small, authentic and worth a trip out of town.
  • surprises you with beautiful nature or encounter with green activities: meeting room, B & Bs, tea garden, country store, care farm, farm etc
  • provides time outdoors. As a variation of your work, you can walk enjoy cycling or boating.

My ideal offer

is a supernatural solitary outside workplace, small meeting area outside for 2-4 people and / or an exclusive meeting room experience with green surroundings. My ideal outdoor workspace gives shelter from sun, rain and wind and smells good. The catering serves responsible food that is biological and/or produced locally.

My ideal seats4silence host

  • is personally involved in green location and surroundings, and is active online to make new connections
  • has fun meeting, sharing and experimenting with social capital, collaboration in the region
  • receives guests warm and personal

Now you!

  • How does your ideal seats4silence location look like?
  • OR: how does your green location fit within the concept?

Share your thoughts below 
and don’t hesitate to respond to other people’s comments.
Together we can create more.

Final editing english: thanks to Linda Hindriks (SC: found by S2M connect)