This coffee place in Milan was made by Moleskine for you to work… offline


Moleskine is a brand that aims to bring back the classic notebooks that philosophers and artists used in their work. Among those, they quote Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, and Ernest Hemingway. All of those who worked without any internet or electronic devices.

Following this concept, and the location independent trend, the brand decided to launch a space in Milan where people are most welcome to work and collaborate with each other. Different from the other cafes, this one is completely offline.

As you could imagine the space is filled with inspiration and hosts artistic events constantly. From book launches to concerts and exhibitions, the idea is that you never have to go to Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration. You can find it all there. Another infinite source of inspiration is the people around you, of course. So, when is your next visit to Milan? I know where I would go. 👩‍🎨