Minimalism – a documentary about the important things


Two years ago, when I didn’t have any idea I would be living in the Netherlands someday, I wrote about a documentary that was about to be released. The name of the documentary? Minimalism, a documentary about the important things. And by the end of it, I would like to recommend it to everyone again.

Let’s make one thing clear before I talk a bit more about the movie. The minimalism in question is not about throwing away all your stuff. It’s just about getting rid of the thing you do not need. For different people, the need can be different, of course. So the essential for one might be the trash for the other. The real exercise here is to ask yourself what is it that you need indeed? Forgetting about what the commercials and people around you say. Just, truly, what YOU need.

That’s what the documentary exercises and that’s why I would recommend it to everyone. In the film, they talk to several different people who exercise minimalism in different ways. Some live in a normal house but only have what they need. Some live in tiny houses as small as 8 m², some are nomads and only own what airplanes allow you to transport on a commercial flight.

The documentary follows Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. The two Americans worked with publicity and feeling unhappy decided to adopt minimalism, and now they spread it via their website, the minimalists. There they write blogs telling their experiences and what is happening around the world and other’s people’s stories. The movie was shot while they were on tour for their book: Everything that Remains.