Meeting with the Dutch ambassador in Bangladesh!


You have achievements in life every now and then. Me being a lower-middle-class boy, everything looks like an achievement. My imagination is limited although my dreams are big.
I had a simple question for the last 4 years. Why not our rural people also use technology and make life better? From these thoughts, I made a co-working space with free computers, the internet, and other technology that people shared. I give free computer lessons. Create meet-ups in rural areas to create awareness and that’s how I am solving a problem I found it. Am I an entrepreneur? Yes, a social entrepreneur. Not necessarily making loads of money out of my hard work.
But why I am even doing this? The answer is, I don’t know. I have fear of death and I have fear of being forgotten. I wanna live millions of years in the heart of people.
Anyways, I started a simple thing named Permanent Future Lab, it’s a movement to share your knowledge and technology with others and grow together. Inspired by Jurjen de Vries and then by many. After 3-4 years, a lot has changed. People love me for the work, people support me, and share knowledge and technology with the rural people. My life changed a lot and I am getting hello’s from big people.

Recently I was invited by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Bangladesh for their #DhakaTalk. The founder and CEO of Seats2meet, Mr. Ronald Van Den Hoff created the connection between me and the embassy and introduced me with such honor. 

Finally, I met The Honourable Ambassador of The Kingdom of Netherlands and he loved my story like the rest others who attended the meet-up. I  believe, “Technology should be a social good.” I would like to see youth have science clubs in every village, ward, or Union. We will discuss and learn together like great people in our history.

This meeting took place one year back today. On 13th November 2021. Why I am writing this today? Because, along with seats2meet, we have a bigger plan which we will be proposing to the Dutch embassy of Bangladesh. Hopefully, my dream of better education for rural people will become reality on a large scale. Will share the update and news from Seats2meet, Bangladesh. Stay connected. 

Here are some photos for you–

He is the first secretary of the Dutch embassy. A very gentle and humble man.

Thanks for reading. Couldn’t stop me from sharing this story.
Fahad Bin Husne Ali,
Location Manager,
Seats2meet, Bangladesh.