Meet Stephan Verveen, our Data Protection Officer

Hi! My name is Stephan Verveen and as of April this year I support Seats2Meet International in the role of Data Protection Officer (Dutch: Functionaris voor de Gegevensbescherming).

Since 1998 I have worked in corporate, startup and scientific environments on the development of net-centric (collaborative) systems. I have a passion for the boundary spanning complexity and the societal impact of the internet. Within that, I especially enjoy the zone where emotion, imagination, storytelling and aesthetics overlap with the rational realities of code, data, systems and policies. I strongly believe that systems exist to support humans, not vice-versa.

Relevant formative experiences in my work comprise:

  • participation in three early stage startups in sectors like online collaboration, e-commerce/travel and education.
  • four and a half years of hands-on Java/J2EE development while employed at a big five consulting firm, eventually as outsourcing & delivery-lead for the booking-tool of a large airline.
  • crowdsourcing and self-organisation experiments in policy development with the Dutch ministry of economic affairs.
  • video production for communities as an ongoing vision development process to align stakeholders.
  • working as interdependent professional 🙂 in (inter)national networks since 2008.

Over the past few years I have been working with the Seats2Meet development team and business owners to document functional, technical and business aspects of the platform.

My role at Seats2Meet International
Building on my understanding of the platform and the Seats2Meet ecosystem, I will now work to ensure that processes and systems are adequately defined, implemented and monitored to meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. My focus is now on personal data, privacy, security, policy and law.

Current work
May 25th 2018 is the international deadline for compliance with the GDPR. My current focus is to ensure that all compliance criteria are met in time. As I’m working on this with the team at Seats2Meet International and it’s suppliers, I’ll frequently update and communicate legal implications to users and location owners.

Although meeting GDPR compliance involves a lot of work for organisations and individuals, I do believe that these efforts will contribute to improving the way we collectively honour privacy AND enable new ways of working and living in genuinely trusted environments.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!