How to make a movement happen?


When I start talking about the paradigm shift we’re in, I think that most of us know what I’m writing about. We see that the world as it used to be, is in need for fundamental changes. And how much we want this to happen, still change is hard.

This phenomenon; ‘struggle with change’ captivates me. How come that just starting to act different, for our own better, seems not possible?

It fascinates me because this struggle is not only visible in this abstract revolutionary redesign of our social constructs. This struggle is also seen in our daily activities; We want to quit smoking, start working out, spending more time with the kids, saying ‘no’ more often at the office, eating healthier etc etc.

Of course all these changes we want to make are hard because of different causes. But what is similar is that we believe we need this change for our own better and still we are having trouble to live up to these good intentions.

I’m truly interested in sciences about behavioural change. What I really like is to explore those theories in my own environment. So I started this little research. I found three theoretical working principles which I tested on a really small scale. Eating healthier was my subject.

In several studies I saw that behavioural change is more successful if the goal is achievable. Sounds obvious, but when I thought it over I realized that turning over my complete eating habits ‘from now on’ would be a goal that is set for failure. So baby steps. Small interventions in my traditions to start with.
Another interesting aspect for success I found was focusing on the positive and by doing so inviting for change instead of obliging. So my language to myself changed from: ‘I cannot eat pie and chips anymore’ to ‘I can start my day with yoghurt and fruits’. The third element in behavioural change that appealed to me was about fun. Make it fun to behave into the preferred direction. For me, I started to experiment with different more healthy recipes and I invited friends to try them.
And Yes, a few months after starting this experiment, I’m eating healthier than I did before and I do not experience any struggle the change of this patterns.

However I felt good about this experiment, I wanted to contribute a little more to society than only writing about this subject. So me and group of friends started another experiment on a little bigger scale. We asked ourselves; what if we organized a festival with the aim to create a movement.
Using the above stated working principles, ‘baby steps, positive approach and have FUN’, to contribute to the awareness of people that we need to start acting different if we would like to use this planet in peach for a little longer.

That’s where we started the experiment at

An event based on social innovation, filled with inspiring workshops, activities & presentations contributing to this goal.
We don’t change the world those two days, but we aim to contribute with baby steps.

Curious about this festival?! Check for the program October 7th & 8th.
You can join for only € 6,- and we would love to have you there to help us spread our message:-)