How to make serendipity find you

The ones who truly know the meaning of serendipity also know that serendipity can not be chased. It finds you by its own. So how could Seats2meet have designed a Serendipity Machine and made its locations a place where the chances it might happen it’s bigger than in other places? Well, we understand that serendipity has one key factor: being there and open.

I am very sorry to tell you but the chances you have a serendipitous experience at your own house are small. Go out there, anywhere, and the chances will increase a little. Go to a place where there are all different kinds of people who are willing to exchange their interests, knowledge and abundance and honey, the serendipity will skyrocket. Now if you are in a place like this and you are also open then the possibility that you DON’T have a serendipity moment it’s very low.

That’s how we make the unexpected happen. Combine diversity and openness. As simple as that. Ok. But why have a serendipity moment? Well, that’s the thing. It’s something unexpected so I can’t give you a reason, I can’t tell you what’s going to happen. All I can say is that you will be surprised and the possibilities are close to infinite. You don’t know who you will find and it might be completely different from what you are looking for. But that’s another thing. Do you know what you are looking for?

Working for Seats2meet this last year I’ve learned – and am still learning – to recognise the needs of people. Not the need they say they have, but the why they need that. As an example, when someone is asking for a sandwich does it really matter if it is specifically a sandwich or the main need is something eat and other kinds of food will serve? The thought is what is your primary need? That’s how serendipity can surprise us, by showing the alternative way. Are you ready for it?