Machine Learning for dummies


There is a lot to keep up with lately. I mean, I already feel like a 70-year-old lady, still trying to learn HTML when there is a new code language coming up every week. And of course, you can just let it be, make use of the technology around you and not really understand how it works. Following a few things can help you out in the future, like knowing how to make use of it for your expertise area! So let’s try to keep up, shall we?

For machine learning, Google just launched a website so you can test some interactions. There you can train the website to have a certain reaction to what you are doing on your webcam. A cool and simple example someone created is the Hand moo. Everytime you open your hands, your computer makes a moo sound! You can see it below.

You can learn and create those interactions on the Teachable Machine website. It’s effortless! And in case you are wondering why would someone teach a computer to make a moo sound whenever you imitate a cow with your hands, well, this is only the beginning. The whole purpose of showing every person how to use that technology is that everyone can have their own insight on it. I already thought that it would be cool to teach my computer that if I make a specific unusual gesture (I haven’t thought about the gesture yet), the machine could call 911. What would you like to teach your computer to do?