Loom is a platform where Entrepreneurship and Freelancing meets


Loom is a platform created in Austin, Texas, where entrepreneurs who just started their companies can connect to freelancers. The differential between all other freelancer platforms out there? Entrepreneurs can offer freelancers both money and equity. That allows entrepreneurs who don’t have a lot of money yet to be able to bring their projects to life. At the same time, Freelancers can build an investment portfolio by sharing their skills.

The idea comes to substitute the process when a Startup sells its equity to an investor, and with that money hire staff. Loom is what happens when you take the investor out of the equation and gives the freelancer the opportunity to invest in the company as well. In the platform, startups can also offer a hybrid payment, offering both money and equity, which can be attractive to freelancers that need to pay rent but also would like to adventure with entrepreneurship and investment.

It is also noticeable that the freelancers on the platform are not amateurs. In the network, you can find people that contributed to tech giants like Facebook and Dropbox. And if you are interested in joining this network you can go to Loom.co. For entrepreneurs seeking qualified freelancers, you can also find them there. For the Seats2meet users, you can get a 50% discount on the fee charged by Loom using the code LOOMS2M.