How to live a connected life – even as a citizen?


Leaving the rat race behind, a family of five embarks on the journey of a lifetime. They travel the ends of the earth searching for a new perspective on life. They share their experiences and founded wisdom in a film called DOWN to EARTH which still is to watch in our film houses.

And the good news is that you don’t need to travel for five years in nature to implement their learnings. In the S2M network we created Seats4silence to give you easy access to nature in your own countryside.

What do you mean with a connected live?

Your own feeling is the answer. Do you feel connected with your way of living? Do you spend, at least some of, your time doing what you love? With people you love? Where you like to be? If you don’t, you probably feel unhappy at least. May be it even feels as you lost yourself.

What has nature to do with it?

Everything. As human beings we are part of nature. Did you know that our body exist for 71 percentage of water, which is exact the same as mother earth’? That’s why we often go to nature during holidays. To reload our batteries and feel more natural.

Did you know that an elephant blows the path he is walking, so he will not trample any insects? As the elephant we feel more connected when are aware of the results of our acting. And when we feel balanced we automatically feel more open to care for each other and our environment.

But we can’t live as the indigenous

Right, we don’t have to run around half naked in the Amazon forest to feel connected with everything. But we can make conscious decisions in our life which contribute to a more healthy ecosystem. Watch also: Before the flood.

We don’t need to limit being out of town to our holidays. As flexworkers we also can choose to go to nature for work regularly. E.g. when we need to calm our mind for reflection, inspiration or focus. Go to:

I don’t have time to go out of town

Listen who tells you that. It’s your running mind worrying. Your creative mind will tell you something different. “When I go out of town by bike, I can skip my hour in the fitness hall. I’ll have more fresh air and stimulate all of my senses. I can let my daily worries behind and open myself for new inspiration.”

In short

  • A connected live means you experience as much as possible activities, people and environment you love. And being aware of the results you create.
  • As we are part of nature, visiting nature helps us to reload our battery and reconnect where we lost track.
  • You have access to inspirational green spots for meeting and working at

And now?

Imagine how connected you would feel if you do a meaningful task in a wonderful natural place, together with your best friend or co-worker.

Only if you like what comes up: find your natural connected workspace.