Listen to: VERVORMER, a podcast about music


    In the last days, I wrote a lot of podcasts, the relatively old format that has recently gained the ears of the crowd. In the last 3 years the market for the format grew immensely and as I mentioned here, there are lots of people within the ecosystem in which Seats2meet finds itself in creating their own podcasts. One of them is VERVORMER, a podcast about music created by Marco Raaphorst.

    Marco Raaphorst is a musician himself has played in the North Sea Jazz Festival and in Paradiso. He also creates soundtracks and radio documentaries. You can get to know more about him on his website. VERVORMER includes different series of podcasts talking about a forgotten song. The first one is Maternité. You can listen to the first 4 episodes here. The other 2 will be launched during the next weeks.