LIFTOFF! The Serendipity Machine is out


Today we launch the Serendipity Machine app on its beta version in google play. You might wonder what is Serendipity and what do you have to do with it. Is it the 90s movie? Nope! Serendipity is what creates the whole vibe at Seats2meet locations. When you get in a S2M location, you know that it is filled with possibilities. During lunch you meet a guy who quit his career as a financial advisor to become a chef and it’s working on its new restaurant website. The girl sitting next to you just graduated and takes amazing artsy wedding pictures.

Serendipity it’s about being connected, helping and finding inspiration and support where you don’t expect. We want to spread this vibe all over the world, and not to keep it only in S2M locations. That’s why we created the Serendipity Machine app. To get connected all you have to do is check in, tell us what you are working on and we will find the people around you that you HAVE to meet.

As we want to spread the vibe all over the world, instead of waiting for places to want to become a serendipitous spots, we are filling some of them ourselves! Public places where people meet as Neude in Utrecht, Vondelpark in Amsterdam, Central Park in New York or Paulista Avenue in São Paulo are a few of the places where you can check in and get connected. Let us know in the comments which other places we should include!

Have a serendipitous day, everyone!