Let’s Colour uses walls to unite people 🎨

Graffiti Nina e a Serpente "Education is Not a Crime" São Paulo / Source misturaurbana.com

This last Monday I’ve been to the Great Minds Meeting, promoted by Masterpeace. The non-profit and non-governmental organization supports the events every year since 2014 and reunites hundreds of people making changes to create peace. The theme this year was inclusiveness, joining a group of speakers and inspirators with incredible stories. I attended two and would like to share them with you. This article here is the story of Let’s Colour.

The project that was born from the partnership of Masterpeace and AkzoNobel, an Egyptian organization, gained power during the protests in Cairo. There, when the people were approaching the main square, the government raised a wall to stop them. In the woke of the next day, when the protesters approached the square again the wall was still there, but it transformed; an anonymous artist painted on the wall what you could see on the other side of it. Even though the wall wasn’t down, it empowered the protesters to keep on. From that came the inspiration to create Let’s Colour.

The project already united people in 40 cities to paint 100 walls and the results are stunning. They reunite volunteer artists and the local community to create something unique and uplifting. The initiative also unites with local paint supplies to get the necessary materials for the colorful walls. If you would like to participate you can see how here or go to the project’s website to see what is going on nearby you. 🎨