Learning on the blockchain



If learning doesn’t just take place in a classroom but is something that happens every day, we need a new system to log what we’ve learned. The blockchain could be that system.

What is it?

Sara Skvirsky and Alessandro Voto work for the Institute for the Future. A think tank that researches change to come. In this video, they talk about the changing role of education. They see a shift from formal education to continuous learning. Formal education was something you could prove with a degree or other document. Continuous learning is more difficult to prove, but not less valuable. This is where the blockchain could come in.

Why is it interesting?

Because this shows that the blockchain has so much more potential than in the financial world only. If everyone gets a unique identity on the blockchain it could be used to log education, both formal and informal. This would result in a permanent chronological record of all the things you learned in your life. Very useful in times where your reputation isn’t just built on degrees, but also has a lot to do with experience. It could also mean that you can prove your knowledge always and everywhere. Thus helping refugees for example.

Key take away/Quote:
“We want to get you thinking.”

Watch the video