Learn Dutch with Taal Doet Meer in Seats2meet


Taal Doet Meer a Dutch initiative in Utrecht, counts with more than 900 volunteers per year to teach languages, mainly Dutch. As part of teaching Dutch, they host several events per month to gather the Dutch language masters and those who, just like me, still have to conquer this super power that is speaking Dutch.

The good news? In the next month, they will host four events in Seats2meet Utrecht CS. And don’t worry, the times are from 19h to 21h so that you can go there after work! Do you want more good news? You have it. The admission for the events is for free. And beyond having that help on learning a new language, Taal Doet Meer knows that learning a language is also a social program. So enjoy it to make new friends!

The invitation is of course not only for those who want to learn but also for those who would like to teach. So if you are already an expert in Dutch you are more than welcome to show up and help the newcomers with your language, especially the G’s. The events will happen on August 29th, September 5h, 12th and 19th. To get more information like the Taal Doet Meer Facebook page and keep an eye for when they publish their events. You can also e-mail dirkje@taaldoetmeer.nl.