Lean on a duck


Every year 15.000 children in the USA alone are diagnosed with cancer. The average time for treatment is 1000 days. A robot duck can help them during this time.

What is it?
Sproutel, the company behind the Aflac Duck, spent 18 months of testing. The duck moves and responds in a realistic way and can be a constant companion for seriously ill children. In the video you can see the duck offer comfort and respond really well to the machine

Why is it interesting?
The duck can offer emotional comfort en help children with communicating during one of the hardest times of their lives. Because of its fluffy looks, the duck looks like an ordinary cuddle, but because of the built-in robotics, it’s much more than that. The duck moves, you can bathe and feed it and, most importantly, it will never leave your side. Just watching the three-minute video convinces everyone who still has doubts.

Key take away:
Sharing experiences during difficult times can have a huge impact.

Watch the video