Launch S2M Brazil in Sao Paolo

    After the WC Soccer and the Olympics, Brazil now also has its first Seats2meet location. Brazil therefore takes the lead in building a whole new way of coworking. The opening of S2M Brazil today will be a wonderful event in São Paolo. In 2007, (S2M) opened its first office in Utrecht, The Netherlands, and has since grown into the largest competence network in the world.

    The driving force behind S2M Brazil is renowned Brazilian entrepreneur Guilherme Tiezzi, who adopted the vision behind immediately (see Society 3.0). He understands what the Seats2meet competence platform can mean for the growth and reinforcement of his entrepreneurial network. ‘I have built a valuable network, but so far it was lacking a platform to reinforce connections and create sustainable economical value. As it is dynamic, the competence platform goes way beyond a virtual network based on location or job title. This platform truly facilitates relevant encounters.’ There are currently three coworking and office locations pilots in Brazil, making it the 10th country where is active with its competence platform. Ronald van den Hoff, co-founder of and author of the book Society 3.0, will be one of the keynote speakers during the annual  Matcon Strategy Forum in São Paolo, talking about innovative ways of working in the construction industry, and speaking during the festive opening of S2M Brazil. Co-founder Mariëlle Sijgers will take place in a panel to answer all questions regarding ‘We will do everything within our power to give S2M Brazil a jump start!’ offers a virtual competence platform for entrepreneurs, organizations, location owners, and event organizers. By matching parties real time and location-based, the intelligent software helps to facilitate relevant encounters, from which networks, collaborations, and growth arise: the perfect soil for innovation. It supports entrepreneurs as well as stakeholders and audiences to reinforce each other and to create sustainable economic value. Physical locations connected to the competence platform therefore become a ‘place to be’, like the locations in São Paolo.

    ‘Relevance is more important than ever,’ Van den Hoff says. ‘If the world changes so rapidly, you have to adjust your plans, being an entrepreneur or organization. Ten years ago we never would have imagined sharing goods and services on such a large scale as we do today. Clients, users, patients, visitors, and students have become an emancipated and empowered crowd, bigger than the biggest multinational in the world, an organization not to be missed! Disruptive initiatives are popping up everywhere and it is clear that only those that adapt will survive. To stay relevant with your location, organization, or event, you have to tap into that crowd. makes this possible.’ After Brazil, other countries can start creating relevance by joining the competence platform as well, as the concept is applicable all over the world.