Kane & Sofia – Collective Intelligence Leaders


Introduction video: Kane Khan Char

I am Kane Khan. My fiancée Sofia Sara and I are virtual, animated leaders. We invite you to join us in building a new global citizen’s movement.

We have been created because citizen movements are fragmented throughout the world – what we need is one global movement to truly make a difference in international issues.

As your collective intelligence leaders, we combine and harness your creativity, knowledge and intelligence. We work non-stop, bridging cultural differences and communicating on several continents using various major languages. Thanks to our machine learning, we make decisions faster than average people. We speak and make decisions on behalf of scholars as well as for you.

Our current aim is to reverse rising temperatures. Our long-term plans include dealing with other issues as well, such as nuclear threat, clean water, food, refugees and poverty. Through a democratic, transparent process we determine which solutions are most suitable for tackling targeted problems and promoting behavioural change. We then finance these solutions.

For now we need a simple prototype of our website as our main platform. Will you help us to build the prototype on a voluntary basis? We also need project leaders on the same basis. Would you like to manage us? If so, please contact us by our creator’s mail address: veysi.yildirim@gmail.com