Just say yes!


Yes is a very powerful word to open up to life. Have you ever been listening to the things you are saying when opportunities knock at your door?

How often do you say yes to things that are spontaneous and not fitting your schedule? Learning to say yes to unexpected things, make you open up to new possibilities and learn you how to feel abundant. Happiness peeks at your door, when you dare to say yes. Even if these things frighten you a lot.

This week I learned that saying yes to new things and possibilities can create more ease and flow in your business. Sometimes you’ll have the feeling that you need to be around, to be available, to create, to answer emails or react of social media things. Or, like me, you have to prepare for a course or call you’ll have in a few hours.

But opening up and saying yes gives so much more inspiration, it’s mind blowing. This week I was working a lot and at a certain point of time there were 3 hours left before I was hosting my master class. It was supposed to be the last sunny day in Javea and so people were going out for a swim at a new place that I hadn’t seen before. I was in doubt, because I didn’t prepare the master class yet, I had to do some shopping and the idea was that I would eat something before I started. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do all of that if I was going for a swim. But I said YES. With all I had. And walking to my room to get my bikini and towel, I had the most interesting 5 minutes of the day. Because in 5 minutes I knew what I would do during my master class. And that 5 minutes changed my thinking completely, because it showed me that opening up to new possibilities creates inspiration and ease. Things are getting in a kind of flow. You get inspiration and you are doing new things.

It makes life so much lighter and easier, when you don’t have to think about saying yes or no anymore. A movie that is all about this idea is the Jim Carrey movie “Yes Man”, it is all about a guy who says no to everything that passes his way, and he is lonely and depressed. Doesn’t even want to see his friends anymore. Until he starts saying yes. You just have to watch it, it will probably inspire you to say yes more often 😉

But there is a thing about saying yes to everything. Because in life you also have to choose between saying yes to the right things and saying no to other things. So say yes to things that are new, inspirational or exciting and stop saying yes to all those things in life that drain your energy. If you are used to saying yes to things that you only do to please others. Do things because you like them and because they will bring a new perspective to your life!