Introducing New Seats2meet Content Partners

There are endless forms of collaboration. The founder of Seats2Meet -Ronald van den Hoff in his book Society 3.0 refers to Informal social networks of connected people as future powerhouses, or rather, power sources.

Daily under different circumstances, we meet new people, form new connections and extend our networks. At Seats2Meet locations, we witness how people connect, collaborate and create value. Such relevant encounters are especially facilitated by the Seats2Meet Passport, which matches you to relevant experts, events, and content. By establishing partnerships with various organizations and exchanging stories with each other we make sure the content is relevant and diverse.

Therefore, we are happy to announce our new partnerships with HRcommunityMaatschapWij and FreeAgentdeemlyShareable and Cat Johnson. Logging in to the passport you will be able to get connected to the variety of articles and videos from their platforms.

We want to facilitate connectivity and break the bubbles. That’s why we would like to offer each one of you the stage to share your story, create content or connect your platform to the passport.

Feel free to contact us at to discuss opportunities for collaboration.