This Illustrator created Freelancer Achievement Stickers, and we all need them


Jeremy Nguyen, a Brooklyn based illustrator, and cartoonist broke the internet yesterday when he published his newest designs on The New Yorker. The drawings are just like scout patches. The twist here is that instead of showing of survival skills and camping accomplishments, the stickers pay tribute to day-by-day freelance challenges. For an instance, you have the ‘went outside’ achievement, ‘good behavior during skype session” or even ‘read and understood the whole contract’.

As more people work in a flexible way, even corporate employees start to relate to the stickers. Nguyen also works as an independent cartoonist with the project ‘Stranger Than Bushwick’, which you can check out on his Instagram. The illustrator also posts smart and beautiful comics on The Nib, a collective of authors who speak about what is happening right now in the world.

You can see all the stickers at the New Yorker.