How to improve your meetings at Seats2meet


I’ve been with for 7 years now, and still find the meeting industry very interesting. Meetings are an important aspect of any organisation, but they can be a hassle! With our revenues mainly coming from Meetings at Meetberlage i should be rooting for A LOT of meetings that are very very long, but i can’t wait for the day where meetings become shorter, to the point and thus more effective. I’d rather have 30 short meetings booked in one day than 6 very long and unsuccessful ones.

There are a lot of ground rules that help you improve your meetings. And of course, we are being showered in tools and apps that will improve your meeting nowadays. All very great, but many of them should be used as just that: tools, not the goal of a meeting. Just consider this death by presentation video:)

TOP 3 tips, tricks and tools from the overview

I’ve put together an overview of all the tools and tips we’ve gathered in the past years, to help you improve your meetings significantly. This blog just shows my personal top 3, but if you’re interested i suggest you really dive in.

1. has built you a great tool for all your meetings. Quickly create an online meeting room, that will help you invite attendees and pick a date/time with them, upload and share document and notes, integrate calendars and video conferencing tools and help you plan your follow-up meeting.

2. Basic roles & rules

When i added this part to the website i thought ‘this is just too obvious and simple, people aren’t idiots’. But while writing it, i was shocked by the mistakes and misses i’ve made in past meetings because i didn’t follow these roles & rules.

3. Presenting

Presenting can be either fun or scary. A good preparation makes all the difference. There are some great tools out there like Prezi to help you make clear and cool presentations, or check out sendsteps and allow your attendees to vote and weigh in during the presentations.