How to build an organisation based on a robot

How we intent to use a hackathon to bring together the best of creatives, designers, entrepreneurs and coders, to form an origanisation that know how to design and program for the newest breed of robots.


Perhaps you’ve already seen him or her walk around in Seats2meet Amsterdam or Utrecht, the programmable humanoid robot NAO will be in our Country for as long as we need.


By humanoid we mean: It’s like a little human, and there’s some sense of emotion involved in communicating with it. You have to see it to believe that, i know:)


With programmable we mean: you can build apps for it, and offer them in their app store.


Right now it knows how to play soccer (app), play a game with autistic children (app), or how to do a tai-chi dance (app). But it’s not even using it’s facial recognision capacities, or connecting over WIFI to connect to API’s of other platforms like connect or a news website.



We’ve borrowed NAO from F. Bronner, a great French lady who want’s to use the robot to help children all over the world. But she doesn’t know anyone who can actually build the apps she needs. She’s not alone, there will be more and more people who need this robot programmed. So let’s build an organisation of people who love working on these idea’s, so that we’re ready for the demand that will soon pop up!


Starting with the following hackathon, we want to identify a broad range of creatives, from designers to entrepreneurs to coders, to build the apps the world actually really needs. NAO and her family of robots will be our little helpers in the very near future, but it takes some imagination to figure out how they can actually improve our lives. And then it takes some energy to teach them how to do it (in Python, c++, .NET, java…).


So NAO desperately needs more apps. We are happy to invite you to our hackathon on April 11th, from 11:00 to 24:00. Walk in any time to meet NAO, or just join the whole day to help us think of and build the best apps in the world!

The end result of this hackathon will be presented at our big Robotics event April 20th. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, get them now. It’s gonna be really cool!!