How I travel the world from my bedroom? (Apps review)


I am a hardcore backpack traveler and write stories on my travel blog site. I travel to a few countries with less money but with social capital. If you are interested to learn about my story of traveling with social capital you can read it in the seats2meet, magazine.

Anyway, traveling is not possible since last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The entire travel industry is almost no more. Even if everything is good from today, I can’t travel due to miserable financial conditions made by the Covid crisis. 

But, thanks to technology, I am able to travel the world virtually from my bedroom/workstation. Before 6 months I got an Oculus Quest 2 VR Glass from  Jurjen De Vries and Seats2meet. I got so excited because it is my dream gadget. I could never afford it as it is expensive. You can also read my article about S2m, Bangladesh is connected with VR world. After getting the VR, I was testing it like a crazy person. Sharing it with others and spent hours and hours with it.

But, the magic happened on my birthday on 14th April 1999 (wrote the date in case you wanna gift me a Lamborgini next year). On my birthday, Jurjen gifted me two apps name Wander and National Geographic Explore Vr. Both are paid apps and cost around 10 USD each.
Let’s talk about Wander first. It’s a virtual travel app. You can put whatever city you wanna travel to and it will teleport you there. With the Ultra HD 360 degree view, you will feel like you are really in that city not virtually. You can walk through the streets with navigation. Faces of people on the street will be blurred due to privacy but it still looks real on the glass.
They use the Google Earth and Maps resource together and make a view though it is way better than the actual Google Earth when I tried. You can watch the video about the Wander app so that you can have a better visualization.

National Geographic Explore Vr is also a travel app but it gives you tours in Antarctica and Machu Picchu. I didn’t like the Machu Picchu tour as it has less adventure and a typical artificial tour. The Antarctica tour is amazingly playful. You can have great adventures like Snow Climbing, Kayaking. The National Geographic app gives you the feature to take pictures with the virtual camera and save it on your gallery. I wish all the travel app start giving the feature. 

You may be thinking about why I am writing this here. In this lockdown situation, I found something crazy that fill up my traveler mind. If you have a VR and miss the traveling life, I definitely recommend you to have these apps. Cheap and fun.


Thank you for reading.
See you on the next blog. 

Fahad Bin Husne Ali,
Location manager,
Seats2meet, Bangladesh.