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More and more hotels are joining as Powered by Seats2meet location: Moxy, Ibis style hotels, Radisson Blu Palace, Carlton President, High Five Hotel, Novotel, The Dylan, Hotel Mercuré Vé, Short Stay Houses and Canal House.

Many hotels are trying to establish a closer connection with the neighborhood in which they are located. There is a strong demand for them to become “the living room” of the city. Hotel lounges are often empty after breakfast and hotels want travelers to connect with locals, which makes a good reason to open the hotel doors for entrepreneurs, freelancers and self-employed professionals from the neighborhood!

Experience economy

Hospitality is at the heart of hotels. Many hotels focus on offering a full experience, from check-in to check-out. Joseph Pine is a co-founder of Strategic Horizons LLP, an idea studio that helps companies to come up with new ways to add value. One of his books is called “The Experience Economy”.

From coffee bean to fancy-coffee-name-with-soy-or-oat-milk-in-a-very-large-glass-with-cocoa powder

But what does the experience economy mean? In short: you add “extras” to a product or service to achieve more value.

Think of coffee ☕️

  1. A coffee bean is worth 2 cents.
  2. After harvesting and cleaning / drying the beans, the bean is worth more.
  3. If the beans are roasted and packaged for the consumer (such as Douwe Egberts), you can already ask a few euros for it.
  4. However, if you offer this coffee in a coffee bar in a nice glass and you give the coffee a fancy name that you can hardly say, you can ask 6 euros for it.

You can ask that 6 euro because an experience is added to the original product. Hence, this is the “experience economy”.

The experience economy is sooo 2018

However, if you really want to stay relevant in this rapidly changing world, then it should go much further than just offering an “experience”. The experience is fun and special a few times, but the 5th time you come to the same cafe, the experience is no longer that special and maybe it even becomes less fun. To make sure that you keep coming, that cafe has to offer more. Namely a “transformation”. This may sound quite intense, but what Pine means by this is that you have to offer something that literally changes the visitor a bit. How? For example, by facilitating a meeting that your guest did not expect but is relevant for him (serendipity).

Seats2meet has been facilitating serendipity for more than 10 years. It is therefore not surprising that hotels are massively joining as Powered by Seats2meet locations.

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