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2016-04-06_1824Scheduling a meeting and finding a location is easy these days, I often meet clients in Rotterdam, The Hague, Amsterdam, Dordrecht and Utrecht.
When I visit Utrecht for a meeting or just some working alone time, I order a cococcino at Toomas and start my day by free writing(Look it up!). I write down anything that’s on my mind. Today my thoughts where about how I met this place.

I have been using the platform for both business and pleasure many times in the last few months. I would love to tell you all these stories and in fact, that’s what I’m about to do.

That time when I thought I was in tech nerd heaven
The first time I visited S2m Utrecht, I looked around to see what it’s all bout.
Walking around with no clue about what to find, suddenly I looked around and had no idea where I was. I was lost in the corridors to the meeting rooms. That day I learned about the dozens of meeting rooms, each with their own number and name like “Blue ocean strategy”.

I could definitely see myself giving a lecture to a small group of people in a few months…or years..a little space for my formerly biggest hobby: procrastination. Perhaps the lecture will be about how to overcome that very annoying habit.


Back to “Blue ocean strategy”, eventually I found my way back to civilization.
I thought I had seen all of it, but I was wrong. A small room seperated from the main area, where a small group of people sat to work on…All kindz of stuff.

“The Permanent Future Lab” is what they call it.

This was my place to be! 3D printers, Arduino, non-edible Raspberry Pi, eeg headband brain activity tracker something. NFC tags, like the ones in those new public transporation cards.
All to play with, for everyone for free.


This is where I’ll set up my camp.
At that time, I was involved in organizing a music and poetry event in Rotterdam.
Next to the organizing part, I wanted to add a small construction to the stage.
A wooden heart shaped construction with LED strip light attached to an Arduino(Very cool thing to play with). Together with a sensor it reacted tot the noise and clapping of the audience, to visualize the energy and love they where giving the artists.

This day inspired me to experiment some more with hardware.
I started talking to Samir Lahiri who is one of the initiators of this room and later to Mohamed Bayo an upcoming architect who made a miniature 3D printed house and was working on a clock made out of…..concrete! It looked awesome!

I started experimenting with the things that where at hand and this gave me the energy to improve my own creation later that day at home.

Next week I’ll share my story about how I met a new customer inside a “Pop-up Meetingspace”


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