How about the future of work? 10 questions to ask yourself 🚀


Our shared challenge of making an impact, ensuring inclusion and getting things done at work keeps us running too hard. Let’s change that, join our event How about the future of work – today!


How about the future of work – today
We are looking forward to exploring together with Ronald van den Hoff,  Christian Busch and Phoebe Tickell the way we will work in the future and how we can learn from that today. On May 9th, at the TechCity College in London, these three impressive thought leaders take this subject on and ensure you go home inspired with practical tips and new connections to start your Future of Work Today. After short and thought-provoking statements from each of the 3 speakers, there will be an interactive session with to engage the audience and further explore the theme.

Why asking yourself questions makes you successful
Different researches show that asking questions helps to unlock innovations, help you to become a great leader and are critical in starting new successful collaborations. That’s why we came up with 10 questions.

Ask yourself these 10 questions to be future proof – today!

1. How can you use tech today to automate parts of your work?

2. If you could hologram yourself, where would you work from most of the time?

3. What kind of skills do you think children need to learn for the future of work?

4. How could a robot make your workday more productive and/or fun?

5. How will nature effect you in the future of work and how is it affecting you today?

6 Will monetary capital still be your salary every month?

7. How will you learn new stuff?

8. What are the tools you will use to stay inspired?

9. What type of communications will exist?

10. What can be a future proof title for your role, activities in your work today?



Came up with some new inspiration and ideas? Let us know!