What is holding you back this week?


Each month thousands of people use the Seats2Meet platform to find someone in their surrounding area that might be able to give them a boost and help them out on the things they are working on.

If you haven’t used the platform for this already, these are the steps to take

Clicking on People present at the top menu bring you to the “NOW” environment where the platform gives you an overview of what is going on right….now.


On the submenu that appears click on the questions page.

Here you can see an overview of the questions and subjects that people are talking about. If you read something that you could give your advice on, reach out.

Once you are logged in, you can write down your question at the top right corner.
Add a few tags and post your question.

My well-conceived question is now posted, ready for you or someone else to respond. Try it and comment your story on how it worked for you.


(ps: Tips on time management are also more than welcome in the comment section below)