Moxy partners with Seats2meet


Hip Moxy formula partners with Coworking platform Seats2meet to attract entrepreneurs and digital nomads

Moxy is a new concept in hospitality by the Marriott hotel chain. The lobbies of two Moxy locations are now available for entrepreneurs and digital nomads as a living room and as a place to work.

The two locations in London Heathrow Airport and Frankfurt Airport use the Seats2meet platform to attract millennials and digital nomads looking to explore the city in a new and fun way.

Moxy at the forefront of the future of work trends
The millennials are front-runners in the modern ways of working. Half of the generation that was born between the 80s and the 90s work as an independent professional. This number will rise in the coming years.

Beyond that, a new contingent of millennials created the concept of Digital Nomadism. They combine travel and work and don’t depend on a single location. Moxy is paying attention to the trend by opening up its lobbies.

Work and hang out in exchange for social capital
Moxy Frankfurt Airport and Moxy London Heathrow Airport are partnering with the Seats2meet coworking platform. They use the platform to open up their lobby as a place where both travelers and workers can sit, work, connect to each other, and collaborate.

Seats2meet is a pioneer in the coworking industry by offering flexible workspaces for social capital since 2007. Freelancers and entrepreneurs to use its spaces at no cost yet are asked to be open to exchange their knowledge and skills with others.

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Tangible results, a solid business case, and Artificial Intelligence
With social capital, Seats2meet achieved real and impressive results: one out of six people got a new job, paid assignment or met a business partner.

By facilitating a space where collaboration is the main theme, Seats2meet sees that innovation happens on a grand scale, and the relevancy of the physical space skyrockets. These factors combined make that the business model succeeds proportionally to its relevance.

The Seats2meet platform uses artificial intelligence to match serendipity between coworkers, by asking them what their skills are and with what they could use support.

Moxy London Heathrow Airport and Moxy Frankfurt Airport will start offering workspaces for social capital on June 4th. Anne Morgan, Director of Sales of both Moxy units comments “We are excited to launch this partnership with Seat2meet at these two dynamic locations, where we will be able to help facilitate knowledge sharing and co-working within our lobby space that was designed for traveler interactions.  We hope to further encourage digital nomads to think of Moxy not just as a hotel, but as a location for serious business and for serious play”.