Government credit to lifelong learners is here


You are born, then you have a few step stones: your first words, first steps, the first day of school, first kiss, go to college, graduate, get married, have kids. You all know the drill. But not really, right? I mean, this was how it went for our grandparents and parents, depending on your age. But not for us. By ‘us’ I mean the generations starting from baby boomers to millennials.

Yes, baby boomers are known for being very traditional, and they had it good at the beginning of their careers. But even as they approximate or are already in their retirement years, they are healthy and far from feeling useless. Comes in those stories of people who at their 50s and 60s completely changed their lives. They retired from their insurance jobs and started designing games, or coaching people or started a whole new business in an unexpected area.

It doesn’t happen only to baby boomers, but the idea of pursuing only one career is hunting everyone working. Me for instance, I studied how to make TV and radio content. And here I am writing a blog to you, working with WordPress while I learn how to code on codecademy, Dutch in Duolingo and graphic design with friends.

The good news is that this long life learning trend got to the Dutch government. From June 8th this year on, people up to 55-year-old have the right to ask for a studying loan. Yes! You can be more than 30 and go after a second, third or fourth degree. Or, maybe, if you have been working on a travel agency for the last 30 years and now you are out of a job because of, you can learn a new profession more relevant for nowadays.

The credit named ‘Levenlanglerenkrediet’ translating to ‘Lifelong learning credit’ is for any Dutch or European citizen living in the Netherlands and coursing a university recognized by the Dutch government. Another requirement is that the candidate to the credit is between 30 and 55 years old. Look here for more information and to apply.