Going Corporate or “Going Freelance”: Introducing the New French Concept

Recently, TK and Sam, the two founders of the French-based company Going Freelance, have visited Seast2meet and had a great meeting with our team while exploring the concept of Seats2meet. Having discovered a lot of intersection between the visions and concepts of Going Freelance and Seats2meet, they have published a great blog about Seats2meet to introduce the concept to the French audience.

TK and Sam are the students of Grenoble School of Management and throughout their student years, they have noticed and experienced profound changes in the world of work. They did not see wage-earning as the end goal and decided to launch a project to help others understand the ongoing structural changes and help companies to adjust their current structures to these new working methods.

Sam and TK with the founder of Seats2meet
Sam and TK with the founder of Seats2meet

There is a social evolution happening at work, and a need for a more autonomous way of working is increasing exponentially. Autonomy and freedom at work need to be redefined through several dimensions, such as the flexibility of the workplace, working time, the freedom to choose customers and own terms of working.

A new definition of management and human resources is emerging in the context of a “war for talent”. Large structures will not disappear, but they have to reinvent themselves to be able to integrate self-employed professionals into their processes. Freelancers and independent actors can bring to the companies a fresh external perspective along with complementary skills and new methods. And this starts by understanding each other’s needs and expectations, as well as understanding the advantages of attracting freelancers.

Sam and TK are the ones mediating this change. They try to answer evolving questions about the Future of Work. The guys are working on building strong collaborations with the main actors in the field:

  • Freelancers. To understand their needs, motivations, gather their good advice to have a stable lifestyle
  • Pioneering companies that collaborate with freelancers to learn how to integrate more freelance-based workers in their current structure.
  • Communities and “third-places” that redefine the ways of working

Using the experience of these progressive actors they can contribute to the transition of the work making it smoother for everyone.