Global Meetup Day 3: La la land


I am a Brazilian. If you haven’t read the news lately, or just didn’t read about Brazil (which is normal), I have to inform you that we are in the middle of a crisis. I won’t get in details, just say that things are bad. The country is split in half, people are going to the streets everyday for different reasons. Nobody cares to give 2 steps back, look at the bigger picture and talk about it. For people is all in black and white. In hard times as a crisis people have a difficult time understanding that there are grey areas as well.

If you look around we see that this is happening not only in Brazil, but in the most parts of the world as well. Just look at the USA elections for instance. A radical candidate as Donald Trump has an actual chance of winning. We are living in disruptive times. We have terrorism, economical and political crisis. On the other side so many new technologies we don’t know how to benefit from them. All this factors summed up result in confusion and people can get extreme. Just look in history books.

The third day of the global meetup was international guests only. A feedback session with outsiders. Speaking to Miroslav Mijatov, the Serbian coworking owner, he said that The Netherlands is La la land, the dream land. As a Brazilian I agree.

The Netherlands is 10 years ahead of most of countries on their way of thinking. I say 10 years being optimistic. While we dream of society 3.0 abroad, the show is going on right here right now. Thinking of that I realize why it is so hard to explain to people outside how is it that seats2meet works. And even after explaining again and again people are skeptical. The same thing happened in The Netherlands when it first started.

Try explaining a craftsman 200 years ago that the shoe he took 1 week making a machine could make a 100 of them in one day, which would make that shoe a lot cheaper. Change is not always easy to understand, but people get there eventually.

Being here we know that what we try to bring to the rest of the world is not only the seats2meet concept, but the whole “la la land”. We want a “la la world”. We don’t want you just to read about it. What I defined as my dream during the unconference was not to have to explain the seats2meet concept to anyone, it become something normal. That implies in going society 3.0 all the way, and I can risk to say that this is the common goal.