Global Meetup Day 2: Music, food and home away from home


The second I got in the room called Platform 1, located in the Utrecht Seats2meet location, the first thought was: I like this song. I don’t remember what it was, but the thought kept on through the day.

On the second day of the global meetup we had what Cees Hoogendijk, writer of the book Appreciative Inquires: of the 3.0 kind, calls an unconference. The concept isn’t new. An unconference is when instead of having keynote speakers on a stage everyone has its chance to speak out and the choice when what they want to work on. Might sound a little bit chaotic, and it is.

The word might not be new, but was definitely a new experience for me. We started from the micro, 1-0-1 interviews, to macro as collective dreaming and groups pitching their ideas that can eventually become into actions. All of those steps were measured in an ingenious way: music. The result was brilliant ideas and an information overload. All orchestrated by Cees as a facilitator.

Irene van Gent on the workshop "Create the life that suits you best"
Irene van Gent on the workshop “Create the life that suits you best”

On the end of the day was time to give our guests the stage. On a round of 4 different workshops: Teamily with Raimo van der Klein, Bitnation with Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof, S2M Carrousel w/ Permanent Future Lab given by Jurjen de Vries and Create the life that suits you best with Irene van Gent.

To end the day with style we had an amazing dinner made by Mama’s Koelkast. Long story short they are moms from all over the world, Suriname, Morocco, you name it. I can say for myself that as a foreigner it felt like home.

The Mama’s