Nice2Meet: Video-interview with the Founders of Seats2meet


“As a Kid i wanted to become a ship captain, but since i was bad at math…
i ended up being a captain of my own company”

– Ronald van den Hoff, the founder of

Back in 2005 Marielle Sijgers and Ronald van den Hoff – the two founders of Seats2meet, have combined their forces to create a new, innovative company in the hospitality industry. Starting from having just one location in Maarssen, they have transformed into a large international company with over 200 locations around the globe and a disruptive business model that lets them go ahed of time.

Today, however, we wanted to stay away from repeating the facts from their biography, and simply get to know Marielle and Ronald a bit better. That’s why we prepared a series of unexpected questions to get them to talk on a deeper level.

Check out the interview of Marielle Sijgers and Ronald van den Hoff to find out about their dream jobs as kids, what qualities they appreciate in people and stories that have changed their lives the most.

Spoiler alert: having worked together for so long, and sharing one vision has made them talk…in quite a similar manner 🙂