Get lost and find serendipity!

Wow. Yesterday I really had a serendipity day.
For the ones that think, serendipitywhatttes??? Serendipity is a complex but beautiful word for unexpected but relevant meetings. It’s also being used in the art world a lot. French artist used serendipity during their work. They forced themselves to do something totally different to come back to their painting and suddenly paint the most amazing painting they ever could imagine. Serendipity. Unexpected, surprisingly but it gives a boost of energy!

Here’s what happened:

After my meeting @Gastvrij Rotterdam I took the metro back to Rotterdam Central station. My metro was ending in Denhaag and I decided to stay in the metro and work the rest of the day at the beach. When I arrived in Denhaag I took a bike to my favorite bar at a quiet place on the beach. While biking (with Spotify and google maps on the max) my phone decided to die. Shit… I wasn’t sure how to bike anymore. I decided to ask a guy on the street to help me out. This guy, an older man with a funny round glass and a straw hat, showed me the way. He was sitting in front of a small shop full of garlic. I asked him about the shop and he explained to me he was in love with France and imported his favorite food from the region Gers. *SERENDIPITY MOMENT* I was flab-ber-gas-ted, my mom just told me the week before that she will start a bed and breakfast in exactly this region, how cool?! Of course, I had to try all different things and this older man explained me everything about how to use garlic and showed me his best wines and cheeses. This is his shop.

After working at the beach for the rest of the afternoon. I called my step brother and we had a nice dinner at my favorite beach bar. We talked about meditation, being an entrepreneur and his business. My cousin also came and we had a great night with good talks and great food. When we left the place, I jumped on my bike back to the station to go home.

In the train, I searched for a place and choose randomly the free spot next to a guy working on his Macbook. *SERENDIPITY MOMENT* We start talking after I saw him trying to fix something on his computer. Guess what? He is a graphic designer, like me, and working on a branding of a new type of school where children can create their own curriculum. He was totally into Serendipity and showed me his first designs. His design was based on rhizome. What’s that, you think? That’s what I thought… It’s a plant that has a connected system of their roots. Everything is connected, there are different center points, it’s like a hub and spoke model he explained.



“A plant stem that grows horizontally under or along the ground and often sends out roots and shoots. New plants develop from the shoots. Ginger, iris, and violets have rhizomes. Also called rootstock.”
Source: the free dictionary


Source: Richard Giblett 

Maybe you are asking why is this a serendipity moment? I am working on the App “The Serendipity Machine”. It’s all based on facilitating in serendipity moments and it’s based on the vision of creating an ecosystem, a connected network like a rhizome. This vision is coming from Society 3.0 written by Ronald van den Hoff (founder of Seats2meet and The Serendipity Machine). (You can read this book here for free!)

Looks similar, right?

He downloaded the app right away.

Implement serendipity into your life!
To help myself creating daily this kind of serendipity moments I allow myself to work on different places every week and to meet different people through the day. Find the coolest spots (maybe in the future even this Frech garlic shop & the trains…?) to experience your serendipity moments! Download the app right here!